SKAPA invests in air pollution control with municipal loan


Environmental promotion in Austria: aluminum processing in Kottingbrunn becomes largely pollutant-free

SKAPA Recycling GmbH specializes in the recycling of aluminium cans, buys used aluminium cans throughout Austria and internationally and places the recycled "Used Beverage Cans" (UBC) on the global market. 12,000 tons are recycled in this way, 3,500 of which come from Austria. The recycling company has been operating the sophisticated UBC processing plant in the Kottingbrunn business park since 2010.

The energy consumption figures alone show why it is sustainable to give aluminum cans a second life: the recycling process for UBC aluminum requires only five percent of the energy costs that would be incurred for conventional extraction from aluminum ore.

In addition to successive expansion of the processing facilities and a corresponding increase in recycling volumes, SKAPA has invested in further projects to increase sustainability in recent years. For example, important core processes in the company have been digitalized in order to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The introduction of energy management software, a PV roof for electric vehicles and the expansion of the photovoltaic system to 700 kWp are also on the agenda. The expansion of the large-scale storage system from 1,000 kWh to 1,800 kWh was completed in March 2024, meaning that a degree of self-sufficiency of almost 90 percent has now been achieved.

In order to take a further significant step towards climate protection, SKAPA Recycling is investing in a new extraction system with dust class M filter cartridges with the help of environmental funding from the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK). This will reduce dust pollution by 98 percent. Due to the extraordinarily high reduction in pollutants of over 90 percent, the company receives a five percent surcharge on the eligible costs.

The company is investing a total of EUR 134,000 in the project, of which around EUR 35,000 is being provided in the form of funding from the "Environmental Funding in Austria". Kommunalkredit Public Consulting is responsible for processing the funding on behalf of the BMK.

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