UBC (Used Beverage Cans)

During 2010 SKAPA has been searching for a new market to develope on its new production facilities in Kottingbrunn.

in 2011 SKAPA Holding GmbH has set up a new subsidiary, SKAPA Recycling GmbH based on our new production facilities in Kottingbrunn, 30km south of Vienna, on the A2 highway leading from Vienna to Graz.

Ideally located in a dedicated industrial area close to the Bad Voeslau airstrip and the A2 high way our recycling operation set on 14.000 m2 with 5.000 m2 of warehouses and 300 m3 of office space is perfectly set to manage our main markets in and around Austria.

The decision was made to choose UBC - Used Beverage Cans - as main commodity and a processing plant was designed, produced and installed by our ourselves, based in previous experience with materials handling and processing.

UBC can be viewed as a orphaned market in Austria, recycling at a bad rate with bad quality controlled by a quasi monopole entitiy representing packaging producers, fillers and traders since 1992. Of 12.000t of UBC introduced into the Austrian consumer market only 6000t officially find their way back into the recycling process, ending up as low grade desox aluminium or other alloy. With 2025 there will be a changeover to deposit bottles, thus the orphaned market will evolve into a sustainable collection system.

We of SKAPA are dedicating ourselves to change this situation since 2011. We have invested in a sohisticated processing line and are currently reving up collection operations all over Eastern Austrian, collecting from communities, events and from other scrap traders.

Our product is cleaned & briquetted UBC strapped on pallets which we ship back to specialised can alloy producers in Europe. From can to can.